We Can Do

Teams learn breathing and Karate techniques the key to mastering one’s attitude and mindset.

10 - 30 minutes
Indoors and Outdoors
10 - Unlimited


Boost energy levels and inject a healthy dose of vitality with a karate routine. In We Can Do, participants are guided through kihon - the basic techniques of Karate, and key to mastering one’s attitude and mindset. The introduction includes a unique breathing exercise to get mind and body in sync. This is followed by series of stretches to release stress and help flexibility, all useful self help tools that participants can take back to their desks. From here on participants are taught easy stances and hand movement – a form of self-preparation.

These kihon moves emphasise the importance staying focused, agile whilst enjoying the impact of unified performance. The activity concludes with a brief meditation, bringing the heart rate down leaving participants refreshed and ready for the session ahead.

Learning Outcomes

With the help of breathing techniques, physical forms and mental exercises, We Can Do helps participants to improve their focus, energise their bodies and shake off the stresses and distractions of the day. We Can Do is ideal for any age group and almost any group size. Unique, uplifting and memorable kick-off (or interruption) to your conference day! This inspiring introduction to the rudiments of Karate is an ideal energiser, a short cardiovascular work out that’s been tailored specifically for corporate audiences.

Karate improves general well being whilst encouraging assertiveness and self-confidence. The We Can Do workout activates the senses helping to improve focus and concentration.

Nicely structured program that taught some key core skills for maintaining well being and mental focus.


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