World cafe

Unlock collective team intelligence

30 minutes - 1.5 hours
Competitive / Collaborative
8 - Unlimited


The World Cafe is a simple, effective, and flexible format for brainstorming and hosting group discussions. Used globally as a method to generate discussion and ideas, World Cafe engages all participants in powerful decision-making and idea creation.

1. Setting:
Turn your conference into a cafe, i.e. small round tables covered with linen tablecloth, flip-chart paper, coloured pens and a vase of flowers.

2. Welcome and introduction:
The host begins with a warm welcome and introduction to the cafe process.

3. Small Group Rounds:
The process begins with three or more rounds of conversations, with participants moving around the cafe to visit each table where a ‘table host’ facilitates a discussion and captures colleagues’ ideas. This is where the magic happens - participants realise connections between discussion topics, build on each other’s ideas, and experience the power of collective intelligence.

4. Harvest:
Table hosts and their groups consolidate their outputs and share findings. Action plans are integrated into a Balanced Score Card for corporate planning purposes.

Learning Outcomes

Energised discussions take place around key topics, leading to cross-pollination of ideas, creative solutions and collective buy-in. Action plans can be integrated into a balanced scorecard for corporate planning purposes.


  • Brainstorming ideas
  • Discover solutions
  • Positive approach to problem solving
  • Cross-pollination of ideas
  • Improve morale and idea buy-in

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