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At Team Building Asia, we have a comprehensive selection of over 130 different activities, games, events and workshops for you and your team to take part in. Our team building ideas are instrumental in creating a cohesive work environment in which team spirit and collaboration thrives, complementing the individual skill and merit of each individual. Read More

Choose the right activity based on your team’s individual needs

Owing to the unique combination of personalities and individuals, each team has its own set of different strengths and challenges. Our various team building workshops across Hong Kong and the Asia Pacific can help solve a wide variety of problems, ranging from building trust, promoting creativity, and even resolving team conflicts.

Specific team building events range from Blockbusters, where you and your team create an attention-grabbing movie trailer, to iBuild, where each team builds a replica of a model without ever looking at it. These various team-building workshop ideas offer your team the chance to grow and learn about each other together. Under a more relaxed and casual atmosphere, they can gain a deeper understanding of each individual’s core competencies before translating this into a more traditional work setting.

For those that have adopted a work-from-home policy or frequently work over online platforms as a virtual office, we have a wide range of remote team building activities. Adapting to changes in the way we work is something that Team Building Asia specialises in.

No matter the type of event you choose, Team Building Asia can guarantee a marked improvement in the performance and teamwork of your team. We have helped big and small brands alike excel and create a productive and positive working environment. Read more success stories from our clients here, as well as testimonials from those who have previously taken part in our team building games.

Need help choosing the right team building activity for your team?

With such a wide range of team building activities to choose from, you might not know where to start. Slim down the options by selecting the problems you want to solve in the search filter.

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