Hollywood Challenge

Challenge your teams to direct and produce their own versions of some of Hollywood’s all time classic movies!

3 - 4 hours
Indoors and Outdoors
24 - 180


Lights! Camera! Action! The facilitator guides participants through the creation process through a briefing with crucial tips and pointers on how to make the movies look polished and professional. A lucky dip will give teams the genre of the movie they have to produce. Everything else, from lines to scenes, rests squarely on your teams’ shoulders. Teams are given several criteria that need to be included in their movies such as specific pieces of dialogue highlighting corporate values, product information or key meeting messages. To assist in their task, teams are given a storyboard to help with planning, a bag containing all props related to their movie genre as well as a sound effects machine, music and a digital video camera. A technical workshop provides the sound engineer and cameraman with the skills they need to use their equipment.

Learning Outcomes

Teams go “on location” to film their movie and return to the event room with their movies “in the can” before the wrap-up deadline. They will find that their plan may not necessarily translate into effective execution and will need to trust each other and utilise the skills of the team to be successful. This creative activity strongly encourages diversity and inclusion as the focus is on collaboration and sharing of creative ideas with excellent project management skills to produce a final product. A thorough debrief session allows the participants to reflect upon their collaboration skills, appreciate each other's added value and celebrate successes during the display of the final results.

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