Hollywood Challenge fun for a major banking institution

Published on 30 Jan 2009

Client: Banking Industry

Outcomes: Team Collaboration, Communication and Time Management

The Oscars are presented today and there is a chance for your own team to get in on a bit of the action in Team Building Asia’s Hollywood Challenge.

Recently featured in Singapore for a major banking institution, teams got their chance to star in their own Hollywood Production while incorporating company themes and key messages to deliver their blockbuster. There was even enough time to squeeze in an Oscar’s Ceremony in a range of categories to ensure teams get the recognition they deserve.

Hollywood Challenge engages the same process used by many of today’s successful directors in the film industry to produce a five minute company themed feature. Clear directions are given in Storyboard Planning, Script Writing and “On Location” Filming Techniques to ensure detailed planning and execution are carried out before the scheduled Film Premiere.

Teams divide up roles of Director, Cameraman, Continuity and a team of Actors. Each is given valuable tips and strategies for the behind the scenes work required for their final production. The Costume Department takes care of selected attire and props to showcase a range of popular genres including: Kung Fu, Western, Sci-Fi, Horror, Action/Adventure and Superhero. Most recent screenings have witnessed spoof versions of Charlie’s Angles, Men In Black and Kill Bill.

Following the production all teams return to a theatre style set up and get the chance to introduce their feature presentation before an enthusiastic audience. Judges award points for categories such has, Best Film and Best Actor/Actress through to the more challenging of Best Cameo and Best Cinematography.

Once movies have be given their premiere they are produced onto DVD for souvenir home viewing or more likely to appear as a surprise viewing at the next office party.

Look out for Hollywood Challenge at this year’s HRM Awards on 26th February 2009 at Ritz Carlton Singapore where this exciting product will be auctioned to raise funds for Breast Cancer Foundation.

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