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Appreciating corporate values

Published on 25 Aug 2004 by David Simpson

Team Building Asia has designed a series of innovative modules to ensure your team will gain a greater understanding of the core and depth of each corporate value and how they can effectively construct these into their day to day work and their lifestyle.

Once such exercise involves expanding your company values into a series of thought provoking statements, which directly challenges participants to consider how the values match or complement their own value system and how they can effectively implement these into the workplace.

Later teams participate in a live documentary to weave the values into featured stories and on-air interviews. This video production provides a fun environment to deal with the issues, while bringing the knowledge of the values to a conscious and workable level. This also produces some hilarious results at the review session, with a scheduled screening of each team's production. Finally the videos are made available through the company intranet to view on Windows Media to maintain long lasting memories of the event.

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