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Beatswork comes to Asia

Published on 20 Aug 2004 by David Simpson

After the success of last month’s drum session, Beatswork has now launched in Hong Kong.

This unique non verbal form of team building has already made a huge impact Australia wide and now the guys have moved into the Asian market. With over 1500 drums in Australia and now 400 drums in the region they are ready to turn your team into an orchestra.

Rhythm and harmony are key to building up the motivational levels of your employees. This presents a unique and exciting form of team building incorporating the timeless concept of the drum circle.

Experience how in a few minutes your team will become a musical ensemble without one word being spoken! This non-threatening form of team building breaks through most barriers allowing your team to experience true unity and a shared focus. An extraordinary level of energy is achieved as your team members become active performers, rather than watching passively as someone else performs for them. So whether it’s a group of 10 managers, or 1500 of your staff (yes they have that many drums), let Beatswork help you create the most memorable event you’ve ever had.

We all have rhythm, but are we beating to the same drum!

Beatswork: proudly serving the South Pacific, with bases in Australia, New Zealand, Bali, Bangkok, Hong Kong, Shanghai & Singapore.

David Simpson

Co-Founder & Training Director at Team Building Asia

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