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The benefits of integrating CSR into your organisation

Published on 18 Aug 2021 by David Simpson

Have you ever wondered if it would be useful to incorporate CSR into your organisation? Is it a useful investment? What will we get out of it? Is it really necessary if I already have a good reputation?

Several studies have shown that CSR not only improves an organisation’s social value and reputation but also its profitability and performance. Here are 8 more advantages to integrating CSR into your organisation:

  • Increased customer loyalty
  • Responsible business reputation
  • Attract top talent
  • Greater employee job satisfaction and retention
  • Operational cost savings
  • Stimulate organisational growth
  • Attract positive media attention
  • Identify new partnerships and business opportunities

Here’s to responsible organisations!

PS: still unsure how to integrate CSR into your organisation? Start with a CSR-driven team building activity.

David Simpson

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