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Is your team functioning well or burned out?

Published on 23 Mar 2022 by Stuart Harris

In the past couple of years, people had to deal with more external pressure than before and that has led to a lot more insecurities. The pandemic also brought along remote work, which limited interpersonal and social contact.

So how can you spot from behind your computer screen when someone or your whole team is burned out?

Behaviours of a burnt-out team:

  • Make comments about lack of sleep
  • Answer emails at 11 pm
  • Don’t make any efforts to socialise with others
  • Lack of input in meetings
  • Often call in sick or make up excuses for not being available
  • Don’t take initiatives beyond their tasks

Behaviours of a well-functioning team:

  • Chat about what they did on the weekend
  • Go out for lunch together
  • Joke about the bad coffee at the office
  • Brag about their new PT at the gym
  • Ask each other what they’re doing after work
  • Admit to watching all the Harry Potter films on their Sunday

It’s often not as simple as your team addressing you and explicitly saying that they’re burned out.

However, it’s your responsibility as a leader to spot the signs.

Here’s to leaders who are attentive to their team's behaviour!

PS: we are constantly developing programs to help teams battle struggles such as burn-outs. Check out our newest virtual program, World Outside Your Window, which improves workplace happiness while working from home.

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