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The Ultimate Christmas Teambuilding Game

Published on 5 Nov 2015 by Stuart Harris

If you are looking for a team building game to reward your team for their year of hard work (while still giving them a bit of a challenge to overcome), then look no further than Flat Out Sleigh Ride, the ultimate Christmas team building activity. Perfect for larger teams ranging from 24-480 people, it can be held either indoors or outdoors and will have your whole group communicating, competing and having loads of fun.

1. It's literally a 'team building' activity - you can't do it alone!

Like most aspects of life and work there are tasks that are beyond your personal abilities and you need others to help you complete them. Flat Out Sleigh Ride is of those tasks. From the construction to the decoration and all the way to the race finale, you will rely heavily on your teammates to get everything done in time.

2. It requires good planning and communication in the development stages

flat out sleigh ride christmas team building challenge

You are going to end up with a total mess if everyone just dives straight in and starts sticky taping bits of cardboard together. You need to take some of your precious time working out a strategy. Think about your team's strengths and weaknesses and use those to your advantage! You are undoubtedly going to come up against roadblocks that will set you back. Remember your original plan, debrief with your team and work through it together.

3. It stimulates creativity

flat out sleigh ride christmas team building challenge

Once you have the framework of your sleigh it’s time to give it a bit of Christmas cheer! Remember you’re making a sleigh fit for Santa himself. Tinsel, red and green paper and bells are at your disposal, so go make your sleigh shine!

4. It all ends in a competitive yet ridiculous race

Even though you are all dressed like reindeer or the big man himself, the competitive hysteria still manages to creep in. Your team didn’t just spend the past three hours making a sleigh out of cardboard to lose to Peter from benefits! The race is on, and it’s not just getting from one end of the room to the other carting a human being on a moving sleigh of cardboard! This, ladies and gentlemen, is a relay race and only Christmas attired persons are allowed to ride the sleigh so get ready for your costume change!

5. It's Christmas themed!

It just fits so well into your end of year festivities you could go straight from Flat Out Sleigh ride straight into your end of year Christmas party! Flat Out Sleigh Ride, like all of the Flat Out innovation activities are great team bonding activities. They challenge you to overcome seemingly impossible obstacles with household objects and the combined brainpower of your team.

If you are looking for more Christmas themed activities, contact us and we can arrange some festive team building events for you to celebrate the end of the year!

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