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Time to introduce an innovative business approach

Published on 27 Oct 2021 by Stuart Harris

Has your organisation been adopting the same business model for years? Is your team reluctant to changes and innovations?

In this constantly changing business world, innovation is the pillar of organisations’ future. An innovative business culture ensures that your organisation maintains or even increases its competitiveness so as to keep up with the changes in your industry.

Here are 4 tips to create an innovative working environment:

1. Encourage collaboration

Provide work practices to encourage collaboration and exchange of ideas amongst team members. Regular process improvement brainstorming sessions allow employees to openly discuss ways to make improvements as well as facilitate communication and cooperation.

2. Embrace diversity

Having team members that come from diverse backgrounds or have different approaches to problem solving boosts innovation in the business. Diversity in ideas creates new perspectives of thinking and helps to break out of silo thinking.

3. Offer training

People are the capital of innovation, so it’s important to train employees as an investment towards innovation in your organisation. Innovation training inspires and stimulates new thoughts and approaches to the business, at the same time, people can also get more used to innovative thinking. Check out our innovation activities.

4. Rewards and recognition

In order to motivate team members to bring innovative ideas to work, show appreciation to those who come up with successful innovations by rewarding them. Public acknowledgements or other incentives are common methods to encourage innovation.

Here’s to innovative business enterprises!

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