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5 creative ways to engage teams at a virtual town hall

Published on 12 May 2021 by David Simpson

Town halls are opportunities to build morale and company culture, to promote change and foster transparency. As many people are now working remotely, it can be difficult to effectively engage your team members.

Here are 5 creative ways to quickly engage your team at your next town hall:

1. Start with an interactive icebreaker that grabs attention and activates the audience. Click here for innovative ice breaker solutions.

2. Create interactive visual aids. Instead of showing statistics and strategies in a two-dimensional excel file, make it an opportunity for interaction with a clickable image for example. “Poll Everywhere” has an activity creator that does just this. Read more here.

3. Invite team members to fill in anonymous polls and quizzes to get an honest group reflection on polarising topics.

4. Invite team members to brainstorm with you using collaborative tools like digital mind mapping or build a digital mural with post-its to get you a clear overview of the discussion points.

5. Chunk pieces of information into a framework of holistic categories or themes for better retention. Best practice would be 4 categories with 3 topics each, and they all should have visuals and interactive questions to stimulate the participants.

Here’s to engaging town halls!

PS: here are some more town hall ideas

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