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Published on 29 Nov 2015 by David Simpson

As the end of the year is fast approaching it is time to indulge your team with the finest food and drink to thank them for all of their hard work. While you could just take them out to the local pub, why not have a bit of fun with it and participate in one of these hilarious and beneficial team building corporate events that will have your team creating, tasting and problem solving all in the same experience?

1. Who will be crowned sommelier of your corporate event?

wine blending corporate team building activity

If you think you know a thing or two about wine, Calling the Shots may humble you! Wine is one of the most complex drinks in existence, hence why there are so many different types and flavours. Even the top sommeliers have been known to have complete disparities in their judgment of the same wine one year to the next. Luckily for you that is only a fraction of the activity. For the most part you will be learning the language of wine, sampling some of the top wines and delicious budget drops. Once your team are well versed in the world of wine you get to have a go at blending and have your creations judged by the expert sommeliers. Calling the Shots is a lovely accompaniment to a Christmas dinner party or an evening gathering.

2. Build your team on gin and whisky!

team tonic corporate team building event

Gin has had a notoriously bad reputation amongst alcoholic beverages. Bouts of depression or drunken crying have been blamed as the result of getting ‘gin drunk’. But it is all a fallacy! Gin has no more depressive qualities than any other spirit and barely resembles the same Gin that was peddled to the Dickensian London working class, where it got its rotten reputation. So don’t be dissuaded from Team Tonic based on utter nonsense. It is a competitive, educational and hilarious corporate event centered on glorious Gin! With a smelling strip in hand and a box of botanicals your team will be encouraged to identify the scents in some of the most popular gin brands in the world. Compare answers, boast to other teams and eventually decide on what gin has what botanicals. Team Tonic is both relaxed and competitive and encourages teams to have a good laugh whilst enjoying a couple rounds of G&Ts.

whisky wisdom corporate team building event

If you still can’t stand the thought of Gin then never fear as we also offer the same basic activity but with the arguably more palatable Whisky in Whisky Wisdom. The two activities are a great way of kicking off your evening celebrations. Just remember to not blame any Christmas party tears on poor old Gin.

3. Snag a snag in sausage sensation corporate event

sausage sensation cooking team building event

Sausages have only recently come under fire thanks to the World Health Organisation identifying them as a carcinogen, but before you go swearing off bacon, salami and heaven forbid: sausages, remember that they are incredibly delicious and also not bad for your health if consumed in moderation. So lay off the full English breakfast for a week before taking part in sausage sensation and you should be fine! Sausage sensation sees you creating a handmade and completely original sausage with the help of your team. You must delegate roles for your team so that some members are problem solvers, researchers, plan implementers, time watchers, designers, coordinators and marketers, who knew the humble snag had such a lot of teamwork behind it? Once you have made your pièce de résistance it is time to cook it up and serve it to the judges while marketing it as the greatest sausage in the history of sausages. If you win you will be crowned “sausage makers of the year” and get to enjoy a sampling of all the different sausages along with a cool cocktail or a glass of beer.

4. Beat the pulp out of your next corporate event with creative juices

creative juices corporate team building event

If processed meats, wine and spirits do not align with the ideals of your team then thankfully there is always Creative Juices. This is the one food related activity that is just as enjoyable for the vegan fruitarian as it is for the resident carnivore. You just can’t beat a freshly squeezed juice! Creative Juices is a business simulation that splits up your group into 12 ‘countries’ who all produce only one fruit. Only 2 members of each country are allowed to leave their desk and communicated with the other countries about their fruit trade agreements. Creative Juices is both challenging and fun, a true team building activity that requires a lot of communication, quick thinking and creativity to produce win-win business outcomes as well as the best juice or smoothie!

Taste your way to team building success

Food and drink related team-building activities are a great introduction to team building for a new team or a particularly skeptical team! You are guaranteed to have an excited workplace leading up to the event and a very satisfied, grateful and bonded staff after the event.

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