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How to develop an agile mindset in the workplace

Published on 21 Sep 2021 by David Simpson

An agile mindset is about an attitude that supports the agile working environment, the core of it is embracing changes. With everything changing as fast as it does in all industries, an agile mindset can certainly help you and your team adapt quicker to the market.

Here are 3 tips to help you develop an agile mindset:

1. Work in small self-directed groups

Abandoning the large hierarchy-driven groups could save time on administration and repetitive meetings. Small groups working enable team members to practice their agile techniques such as design thinking, problem-solving and it strengthens collaboration among members.

2. Create engagement with customers and team members

The customer need is the most straightforward indicator of the market trend. Therefore, customer engagement in each iteration is important in order to have a satisfactory outcome in your project. Constant feedback from customers and team members help access customer satisfaction and also formulate a more comprehensive plan for upcoming projects.

3. Adopt flexible strategies and tools

When the market environment is fluctuating, it is vital for organisations to adapt as soon as possible. An agile mindset can be developed through adopting flexible strategies and tools that can help organisations to adapt to various scenarios. Team members need to identify how circumstances have changed and then create strategies to evolve their processes accordingly.

Here’s to teams with an agile mindset!

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