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Dos and Don’ts for building trust in your team

Published on 11 Aug 2021 by Stuart Harris

It is not easy to build trust in a team from day one. According to a global test done on trust in the workplace by EY, 54% of employees said they had very little or some trust in their employers. So how can we build trust in the workplace as employers and managers?

Do: Open communication

Communication is one of the most direct ways to build trust in the long run. Host meetings regularly to let all team members have a chance to talk about their progress and difficulties. It also creates opportunities for members to get to know more about others and to help each other with their challenges.

Don’t: Blame or point fingers

Mistakes and disappointments happen whenever there are people working together. Rather than blaming or pointing fingers at someone to escalate the heated atmosphere, encourage everyone in your group to think about the mistake in a constructive way. For example, say what can you do together to fix the problem and how to prevent it from happening again.

Do: Keep your team informed

Transparency indicates that you trust your team. Let your team know what themselves and others are working on to ensure everyone is on the right track and no one is left behind.

Don’t: Over-control or micromanage

Appropriate guidance in work could benefit employees’ productivity, yet over-controlling or even micromanagement fails to give team members a sense of accomplishment and trust. Each team member should be given enough autonomy on their individual tasks so that they feel trusted. This also stimulates their sense of success and thus indirectly improves their productivity.

Here’s to trustful leaders!

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