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7 ways to encourage efficiency before the year ends

Published on 11 Nov 2022 by Stuart Harris

As we turn the last pages of this year’s chapter, we know how challenging it can be to keep people engaged and productive. So, we asked our Learning and Development team what their most effective tactics are in keeping a team engaged to finish the year on a high.

Here’s what you should start doing now:

  1. Remove any redundant meetings to clear the space and work on priorities
  2. Recalibrate the team’s goals to make sure they are up-to-date and achievable before the end of the year
  3. Notify your stakeholders early of your holiday closure periods and annual leave to encourage proactivity and allow for better planning of priorities
  4. Reflect on the year’s achievements and losses to align people’s minds going into the new year
  5. Start planning for next year and bring some of the goals over to January as to not overcram November and December
  6. Set deadlines a few days before your Christmas break to give your staff time to finalize their projects and to enjoy their work environment
  7. Encourage social interaction to boost morale, trust, loyalty and engagement

We hope this helps you to keep your people engaged before the festive season begins. Make sure to also keep your own mental health at the top of your priority list, the festive season can get crazy.

Here’s to organisations that encourage efficiency!

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