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Expressing gratitude to your team useful for your business?

Published on 10 Nov 2021 by David Simpson

To most businesses and individuals, productivity is considered a top priority. It is normal for many employees to achieve an objective and move on to the following. It works within the brief term but can inevitably cause burnout and dissatisfaction if not paid attention to. Sometimes, success can also be ordinary and mediocre when it’s not recognised.

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If you want your teams to be engaged, you should make appreciation essential. A great way to show your acknowledgement is to celebrate a job well done. Celebration is a morale booster. It raises employee engagement and creates bonding among the teams.

One of the ways you can celebrate success is to express gratitude. But is your way of expression correct? How useful is it to your business?

Oftentimes, many of us are more likely to show our appreciation in connection to individuals. But indeed, showing gratitude within the working environment is particularly basic. It fulfils the higher mental need to feel a sense of purpose at work.

This thought is a portion of an organisational and mental move toward a more humane working environment. In which, it is entrenched in gratitude where workers feel acknowledged, valued, regarded, and enabled to reach their fullest possibility.

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Gratitude works together with recognition. When we first acknowledge one another, it allows us to be more thankful and motivates the individual who receives the energy to spread the blessings out. This will result in a swell in bliss and satisfaction of employees. In the long run, morale, engagement and power will all grow — all of which straightforwardly impact execution, efficiency, and retention.

This is what’s called "The Gratitude Effect"!

A swell of affirmation and recognition that pushes and motivates employees forward. Fighting for one goal to improve performance, more linkages and engagements will be formed when gratitude spreads all over the company. Additionally, if you acknowledge your employees regularly all through the year, the effect of that positive fortification is indeed greater.

What can you do?

The simplest way is to take your group to lunch or order breakfast at the office. This puts you, as the employer, in a positive attitude that cultivates way better intuitiveness. Giving gratitude could be a straightforward and simple way to guarantee your group knows how much you appreciate the work they do. Saying thank you is one of the fastest and least demanding ways to preserve a positive and supportive work environment.

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