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How to implement a hybrid workplace model during Covid-19 pandemic

Published on 22 Jan 2021

“Work from home” – one of the 2020 buzzwords. 2021 is here and the possibility of vaccines creating new hope for this pandemic to be over, the business world is turning its gear for the “back to the office” shift. However, precautions and safety are still priorities and resilience and adaptability will continue to be necessary. This brings the hybrid workplace model to life.

The hybrid workplace model is an integration and sync of both home and office work – which is a sustainable solution for many of today’s workplaces. A quick sidenote, hybrid team building is done by virtually connecting teams who are physically together in different locations.

Here are 5 tips to help manage hybrid work models:

  1. Support your employees
  2. Everyone is doing their best at managing their situation – it being home-schooling children or coping with unstable families or extracurricular activities. With numerous online possibilities, you can hold online meetings, use calendar apps to sync time zones and always stay up to date.
  3. Manage the inflow of your teams
  4. It can be complicated to manage the in-and-out-of-office of your employees as everyone chooses their own schedules. Create a system, manually or through an office scheduling app, so you can assure social distancing and keep a record.
  5. Make results meet expectations
  6. The only thing you have to do is manage your employees’ best features that arise from their work location choice. A planning tool like Microsoft planner is a great way to do that.
  7. Facilitate employee communications
  8. Working from different locations and socially distancing can make internal communication more difficult. Create an open space for team communications, using chatroom for example.
  9. Make a peaceful transition
  10. Going back to work after a time away can be stressful, especially when using public transport where social distancing is hardly possible. Make the transition slowly to avoid reluctance to return back to the office and speak to your teams to understand how they are feeling.

Here’s to resilient and adaptable hybrid teams!

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