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Things to consider before building a hybrid workplace

Published on 29 Jan 2021

There are things you might want to consider before starting to build a successful hybrid workplace model.

Here’s a checklist:

  1. What are your needs – and what are your employees’ needs?
  2. Does your business model require an office or can it work perfectly remotely? But also listen to your employees’ desires, do they feel like working from home is sufficient or maybe they cannot wait to return to the office?

  3. But what if they don’t want to return to the office?
  4. Then maybe there’s a deeper problem you should work on – is there enough trust and communication in your office? How are the facilities? How’s the cultural climate? Does everyone feel at ease? Have you invested in your employee’s well-being?

  5. What strikes the right balance between work and wellness? These go hand in hand: when employees feel at ease, they’ll automatically be more productive and will consequently generate better business results.
  6. Do you need all the resources you had before?
  7. Many companies have decided to downgrade or to trade their private office for a coworking space. As the current economic climate has presented many financial challenges, consider if this is worth the change for you. Going hybrid can mean you always rotate shifts and therefore only have 50% of your workforce in the office. It’s all about balance.

If you have successfully replied to these questions and they all point in the same direction, then you can heartily decide whether you want to go for a virtual, hybrid or in-person workplace – either way resilience and adaptability are clearly key in today’s changing market.

Here’s to resilient and adaptable teams!

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