vr immersive experiences

Immersive Experiences Change the Face of Leadership Development

Published on 26 Apr 2019

Advances in Virtual Reality (VR) have created exciting opportunities for training and team development. We’ve seen growing interest with our clients in the use of VR as an effective team development tool in Hong Kong. VR can put the user directly into simulated situations, where he or she can practice techniques in a safe, controlled and realistic environment. The latest generation of VR is intensely engaging – opening up exciting new potential for training and leadership.

vr immersive experiences

According to research in Education Psychology Review, VR experiences strengthen memories through increased multi-sensory and emotional inputs. As presence and emotional responsiveness increases, memory retention is shown to improve. This makes the latest versions of VR an exciting new and effective tool. The users feel that they are actually experiencing a real-life situation, instead of just observing it. This leads to improved retention of the activity, making it more worthwhile and valuable.

VR headsets also provide freedom from distraction – no playing with phones while watching videos or sitting through a training session. All of these factors make VR a powerful new tool for experiential training.

	vr immersive experiences

Immersive learning key benefits

  • More opportunities for gamified learning
  • A safe place to experiment
  • New and exciting way to engage
  • Adaptable and versatile

Want to try immersive team building in your business?

The Infinite Loop, is a strong lean management business game, based on real-time collaboration, and real-time communication. Iterative learning, combined with continuous feedback, and improvement, makes the teams solve problems in more efficient ways. The Infinite Loop is a versatile, and powerful tool for debriefing on complex issues affecting modern businesses working with remote teams, employing agile methodologies.The Infinite Loop is available exclusively in Hong Kong, China and Macau through Team Building Asia.

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