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How can you improve your team collaboration? 7 tips

Published on 9 Jun 2021 by Stuart Harris

After such a long period of working remotely, we have all discovered new habits and have succeeded at overcoming hurdles. We have shown perseverance and innovation at its finest.

Returning back to the office can make us forget how our collaboration skills worked at their best prior to the remote lifestyle. And if you’re still working remotely, now and then it’s time to take a step back and reflect on what’s happening and how we’re dealing with it.

Here are 7 questions you should ask yourself if you want to improve collaboration:

  1. Am I building personal connections with your team or are we only talking business?
  2. Am I listening to my team’s needs? Am I being adaptive to their needs?
  3. Am I minimising meetings and getting the best out of the ones I am having?
  4. Can we bring creative activities to meetings to spice things up?
  5. Are we assessing what’s not working and trying to improve it?
  6. Live by the three Cs (clarity, communication and collaboration) and measure your efforts with this formula. If something is not working, firstly take a look at where you can improve the three Cs.

  7. Are we building enough trust? Transparency helps to build trust
  8. Are we organising enough team building activities?

Here’s to teams who work on their collaborative skills!

PS: here are the best team building activities for collaboration

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