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Kitchen team building challenge

Published on 1 Sep 2004 by David Simpson

Ever wanted to get in the real heat of the kitchen and see what really makes your team tick? Appetite’s “Hands-on” team building cooking classes challenge senior management to become wannabe Martin Yans, Ken Woos and Anthony Bourdains by daring team members to take on the role of selecting a team captain, delegating roles, deciding a menu and enjoy the results of their own cooking.

In the custom built culinary experience centre, teams get involved in the preparation of a gourmet three-course meal. During the preparation process, each team must meet the assigned objectives within the specified time frame even when confronted with a set on unfamiliar tasks that must be performed using limited resources. Individual teams must coordinate to share sparse kitchen resources. Participants work in teams of three or four to create the meal from the recipes supplied by Appetite.

Each team will have the same recipes and must complete all of their dishes within the given time frame. Finally teams retire to the fine dining room to enjoy the results and debrief this original and exciting approach to building long lasting team spirit.

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