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Dos and don’ts for leading through change

Published on 14 Apr 2021

In any organisation, the only constant variable is change. Change is, ironically, constant. There will always be change and people will always have to adapt to change. Whether it’s a change in direction, a rearrangement, or a small change like the type of milk in the fridge, we all experience change frequently. But how can we master change and be an inspiration to others as leaders?

Do, share your knowledge and keep the team informed about details and changes.

Don’t, forget to ask for feedback and make space for questions.

Do, roll out a plan for how to achieve success and let the team contribute thoughts and ideas

Don’t, try to extinguish little fires everywhere but focus on one goal at a time. Outline a schedule if needed.

Do, resolve conflicts and foster healthy debates for a culture of diversity and inclusion.

Don’t, ignore positive accomplishments, fail to reflect on them and forget to applaud them.

Even though change can be hard to cope with, remember that your team needs your thoughtful leadership the most during times of change.

Here’s to resilient leadership!

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