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Should employee skills be measured or not?

Published on 10 Aug 2022 by David Simpson

It is crucial for an organisation to recruit a capable and balanced team as it affects productivity and profitability.

Here is why employee's skills must be measured:

First, measuring employees’ skills allows the organisation to assign appropriate tasks and trainings to them. Inappropriate work such as giving computer programming-related tasks to employees who only have basic digital skills will put them under pressure. This is to prevent decreasing their performance and having negative impacts on mental health.

Second, employees themselves could have a good understanding of their roles in a team. The right combination of people includes a leader, organizer, thinker, and supporter so that the skills are well-balanced. A leader has the intention to push the team; the supporter is more motivated to maintain a good relationship with other team members.

Third, identifying the gap in talents helps the organisation to achieve its goals. Sometimes it is difficult to recruit top talents, so you need to provide training to the ones who have potential and invest in them. This is to raise the competitiveness of your organisation. The smaller the talent gaps, the more steady and smoothly functioning the workforce.

Here's to organisations that measure employees' skills!

David Simpson

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