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Mission Possible hot selling product in Singapore

Published on 12 Jun 2012

Mission Possible continues to be our hottest selling product and since the beginning of 2012 we have added new technologies and challenges. Since its Tokyo inception in early 2004, Mission Possible has expanded to include Singapore, Sentosa, Bintan, China, Kuala Lumpur, Penang and Thailand, with more on the horizon.

This fast paced city hunt involves teams viewing a customised Mission Impossible style DVD briefing featuring the company CEO, who outlines the task ahead. Then the message self-destructs and our team of secret agents are on hand to give out mission tasks and the all important metal attaché cases. Inside is an array of spy paraphernalia including, digital spy camera, UV pen readers, compass and binoculars and many others.

The mission is to search the local areas to retrieve hidden passwords and save the company from destruction. During the mission there are scheduled rendezvous with specially placed secret agents and team gain an exciting history lesson on the heritage of the locale. Once all tasks are completed, teams finished at secret location for dinner, password answers and prize giving. Later prizes for highest team score, best team photos and most innovative team are awarded and to great success.

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