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Mission, Vision & Value

Published on 21 Sep 2011 by David Simpson

In times of change and coming out of crisis, it’s hard for teams to find focus and be truly aligned. Teambuilding is a good solution but digging deeper into the corporate structure is a firmer foundation in order to find greater focus.

We’ve recently been working with clients who have been acquired by public companies and have the new challenges of focusing on the bottom line and extensive reporting that is required to shareholders and it is causing great stress. This need for operational efficiency due to reporting can fragment what was previously a very cohesive team. Solutions to re-engineering this alignment have been to re look at the current mission, vision and values (MVV).

Indeed in times of change these are the one set of principles which shouldn’t change. The MVV gives all employees the chance to focus on something consistent and agreed upon to realign and strengthen the team. If teams can internalise the MVV in the context of themselves, the team and the whole company, then total alignment can be achieved to the ultimate benefit of the entire organisation. We’ve just held our own Team Building Asia staff retreat to relook at the current Mission,

Vision and Values, perhaps it is time to have a look at your own? Be ready for some surprises, as different colleagues explain their interpretation of what the MVV means to them, as you embark on the process of alignment and let us know how it goes!

David Simpson

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