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5 things new hires expect during their onboarding

Published on 24 Mar 2021 by Stuart Harris

Studies show that onboarding a new hire can make or break their perception of and connection with the company, and how productive they are. So, if you want that new hire to cruise on in and be successful, you need to make sure your onboarding runs smoothly and exceeds expectations.

LinkedIn did a survey of 14,000 global professionals about onboarding techniques. The results were surprising, most particularly, respondents of all ages, nationalities and genders named the five exact same onboarding practices as most important:

  • One-on-one time with their direct manager
  • Outline of performance goals for the long term
  • Agenda for the first couple of weeks on the job
  • Introduction to company culture and values, and a continuous emphasis
  • List of people to meet, help to set up individual meetings with coworkers
Here’s to successful onboarding processes that help new hires stay!

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