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7 recognition goals you should set today

Published on 30 Jun 2021 by Stuart Harris

There’s only one Employee Appreciation Day per year and even though our employees earn decent salaries, should we show appreciation more regularly?

It’s good to give recognition on a regular basis to increase motivation and morale. To do that, be consistent and set specific, actionable goals. It’s a good idea to follow a simple process weekly, monthly or quarterly.

Here are 7 top recognition goals you should set today:

  1. Make a note of positive behaviour when you notice it.
  2. Say thanks or congratulations every time someone delivers something good.
  3. Send a special thanks message weekly or monthly to thank your employees for that period’s efforts and successes.
  4. Give one or more shout-outs at your weekly staff meeting.
  5. Create a positive work environment by stimulating positive conversations and doing something about negative feedback.
  6. Encourage recognition giving and stimulate shout-outs and constructive feedback.
  7. Ask for help for accountability. You need accountability to be consistent with recognition giving. Create a feedback group of 3 buddies so you are not just accountable for yourself.
Here’s to daily recognition goals!

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