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A step-by-step guide to resolve team conflicts

Published on 7 Jul 2021 by Stuart Harris

Team conflicts are natural in workplaces. Sometimes, team conflicts may even seem commonplace. Yet, leaving or failing to resolve them could lead to a serious impact on the overall morale and productivity of the team. Therefore it is key to know how to resolve and address disputes between team members.

Here are 5 steps to guide you through resolving team conflicts efficiently:

  1. Avoid making assumptions
  2. When conflicts arise, it is crucial to stay calm and deal with the problem directly. Do not take sides or make assumptions so that you can understand the member’s situation fully.

  3. Speak to members individually
  4. Set up a time and place to talk to team members separately. Listen carefully to have a clear picture of the disagreement and understand how they feel about the situation. Do not give out too much opinion at an early stage and focus on the problem.

  5. Educate your people and encourage active listening
  6. After having a full understanding of the source of the conflict, gather all the parties to let them have the opportunity to share their sides and listen to what others have to say.

  7. Provide guidance to find a resolution together
  8. You may need to guide the conversation and redirect the topic when things are getting heated. When giving out suggestions, positive aspects of the process and suggest related topics or actions they can work through after the meeting.

  9. Agree on the common solution and follow up
  10. Make sure both parties have a mutual agreement on the common solution and set up a list of actionable steps that can be taken to resolve the issue. It is vital to have follow-ups even after the conflict is resolved to ensure everyone has reached consent.

Here’s to all team conflicts mediators!

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