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5 signs your employee may be quitting soon

Published on 5 Feb 2021 by Stuart Harris

There have most likely been some changes in your workforce since last year and also your workplace culture might have changed. Some people deal better with these changes than others. Large changes in your organisational structure might lead to dissatisfaction or a disconnect from your employees.

Here are 5 signs that your employee might be ready to quit:

  1. Lower productivity
  2. Engagement and productivity go hand in hand. If your employee’s productivity is steadily declining, it may be a sign that they have checked out and are getting ready to quit…
  3. Less of a team player
  4. There’s a fine line between being introverted and not being a team player. Team players are willing to collaborate and share information. It’s alarming if there’s a switch in your team mate’s collaborative behaviour.
  5. Doing the minimum amount of work
  6. They can seem like a slacker, or there might be more going on…
  7. They are not as interested in building a relationship with their manager
  8. Less willing to commit to long-term deadlines
  9. Red flag! When an employee doesn’t want to take on a long-term product, they might not be planning to stick around for much longer.

Here’s to teams who stick together!


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