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Spotlight on Discovery Challenge

Published on 8 Sep 2008 by David Simpson

Want to get out of the boardroom and have a great experience with your team. Come discover your city!

Team Building Asia has a new programme that takes in the history and culture of the city. The Discovery Challenge is based on the Discovery Wheel and the Team Booklet. Teams will use these tools to guide them around the city, visiting different pre-determined spots where they will need to complete challenges to obtain points. They will also have a GPS system to help them navigate around as well as a digital camera and a map of the city. Some challenges might ask them to seek out our event marshals for their task, others will have them performing skill challenges or answering historical questions. The key is to decide as a team the best route to take so they can complete the most challenges for maximum points. At the end, the booklets will be collected, the points tallied and a winner announced!

The Discovery Challenge can be customized to take in any special spots or requests. Team Building Asia recently ran a Discovery Challenge at Hong Kong’s Ocean Park. The challenges highlighted the popular attractions and rides at the park, while letting participants leisurely enjoy the park as well.

The programme is designed to unify the group by setting a shared goal and encouraging problem solving, planning and putting tasks into action. This type of experiential training creates a shared experience that can be brought back to the workplace.

David Simpson

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