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Team Building in Africa

Published on 29 Aug 2015 by Stuart Harris

A new development in Tanzania, Africa now gives corporations the opportunity to send employees on short incentives/team building seminars, which go deep into the African wilderness. Green Footprint Adventures is a young and dynamic company and facilitate these exciting safaris.

Guests are taken on a variety of African excursions, which vary from a normal Game Drive to the Wilderness Experience, where you spend a few days deep in the jungle, sleeping under the stars and cooking your own meals. One of the most popular activities on the wilderness trail is the Night Watch where the jungle really comes alive. On the watch you are in areas with the large nocturnal species mammals and every person gets the opportunity to be on the lookout with the excitement of catching a glimpse of one of up close.

For many people this turns out to be the highlight of the trail as sitting under the African stars is the first time many have truly been alone and away from first world noises. It is an amazing time to reflect, think about life and try and find the meaning of it.

Green Footprint Adventures also offer strong community development projects, which corporations can get involved with. Thus, not only can participants have a wonderful team building experience in the wilderness but they can also get involved with projects which help Africa move forward.

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