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Top Teambuilding Activities in Hong Kong

Published on 12 Feb 2015 by David Simpson

Hong Kong is an exciting hub of activity with a unique culture. As a world leading business centre, whether your company is based in Hong Kong or you are visiting on a conference, you should consider this vibrant city for your next team building event. At Team building Asia we have compiled a list of our top 5 team building activities in Hong Kong, some indoor, some outdoor and all focusing on different team building values.

1. Taste the flavours of the noodle nation

noodle nation team building culinary activity

As anyone who has visited Hong Kong will know, noodles are not just food, they are an artform! In this fast-paced, fun team building activity, Noodles are the essential ingredient for a business simulation. Groups of 48-200 are divided into 12 ‘nations’ (e.g. Tofu town, Pak Choi Islands and Miso Mountain etc.) who then have to plan strategic deliveries to their neighbouring countries in order to make a delicious business deal. Needless to say, noodles are on the lunch menu.

2. Surprise yourself with crescendo

crescendo team building musical activity people pay violins

Ever wanted to learn the violin but thought you didn’t have the time? Well the teachers of Crescendo think you do! This 60-90 minute activity will see you go from a musical mess to a musical maestro. Under the guidance of two expert tutors your team will come together at the end of the hour to perform a classical music piece and we guarantee it will sound incredible. This fantastic team building activity has the whole company achieving a seemingly impossible task in a seemingly unrealistic time period, opening their eyes to their hidden abilities.

3. Think outside the box with flat out rickshaw rally

rickshaw rally corporate team building activity

This challenging, yet fun team building activity requires teams to build a working rickshaw out of nothing more than cardboard. Flat Out Rickshaw Rally presents teams with a difficult challenge and limited time to complete it, testing both their ability to perform under pressure and utlitise the strength of their teammates. Rickshaw rides are an essential part of Asian culture, and have an interesting history in Hong Kong since their introduction from Japan in the 1800's. Enjoy a bit of history and fun with this fantastic team building activity.

4. Explore the wonders of Hong Kong in go team

go team fun team building outdoor activity

Go Team is one of the most exciting new team building activities we have seen in Hong Kong. Using the most up-to-date technology, Go Team is part treasure hunt, part amazing race and geocaching. Teams are armed with a tablet, which directs them to their next clue using a combination of photo, video, GPS and QR code technology. Go Team is a fantastic activity to compliment a conference as the treasure hunt can be adjusted to show off Hong Kong’s best bits. Every team member’s unique skills will be tested in the race to get to the finish line.

5. Get the full Hong Kong experience with travel show

travel show outdoor team building challenge

If you want to really explore Hong Kong, Travel Show is the activity for you. Team members assume the roles of director, cameraman, presenter and scriptwriter to create a television show showcasing Hong Kong. Travel Show can be held either in the city or in the large parks and nature reserves which comprise 40% of Hong Kong’s landmass. Travel show gives both locals and visitors a deeper appreciation of the landscape, culture and cuisine of Hong Kong.

Get team building in Hong Kong

So there you have it, our top five picks for team building activities in Hong Kong, if you like the look of any of these activities or would like to check out the full range of team building events, contact us and we can custom design a team building event to suit your company.

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