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Time Management 1

Published on 9 Aug 2014 by David Simpson

I wish I had a HK$1 every time some one said to me they wish they had 48 hours in a day and 10 days in a week. Well the reality is that is ain’t so. The second reality is that is that every one has 24 hours allotted to them every day. It is what we do with those 24 hours that makes the difference between us and how effective we are. As an executive coach here are my top 3 strategies to get more time for your life and more life in your time.

  1. The 80/20 principle – the secret of achieving more with less.
  2. Simplify your life and work. Do not try and be a 24/7 person you are likely to burn yourself out sooner than later.
  3. Review the time suckers in your life and eliminate them. And… have fun doing it.

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