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Critical tips for team building

Published on 30 Aug 2009 by David Simpson

Mention the word teambuilding and you can expect a variety of responses from hooray to groans of contempt. Hence it is vital to cater to the essentials and get the inside track on what to look for to ensure you provide a memorable and exciting teambuilding event.

1. Question ROI

Ok so we’re into the money first but unless you want a resounding “So what?” factor on conclusion of the event, you have to question the ROI upfront. So let’s clarify on what exactly you are investing in. It can’t just be fun, reward and appreciation; it’s about people and more importantly your people. So get the inside track on the ROI the teambuilding will provide and make that your first port of call.

2. Total Engagement.

Audiences need to be captured in the first 45 seconds or the activity is lost. Have a shocking and compelling activity as an introduction, “I am going to have you all playing as a complete woodwind orchestra”, “You will be building a rickshaw”, “You are going to teach circus skills to underprivileged youth.” Hit them with an activity that is going to make them sit up and listen from the word go.

3. Activate Performance.

Give everyone the chance to perform. Teambuilding is about everyone in the room. If the leader could do everything him/herself then there would be no need for a team. So reinforce this with activities that allow everyone to perform and not simply opt out and fade into the background. A good technique is to reverse the roles, have the sales team, take the technical roles, then challenge the quiet ones to take the lead.

4. Promote Networking.

There is no point having everyone from the office or from all over the region in one room if they sit in small teams all day. Choose activities that require lots of information sharing, sourcing and resource sharing. Not only will new friendships be formed but it provides stronger back to work applications as vital company skills and knowledge are readily experienced and shared.

5. BTW Benefits.

Back To Work Benefits are literally the name of the game. Unless the experiential activity can be customised to relate to each company’s culture and uniqueness, then it’s nothing more than just an amusing experience for everyone. Teambuilding is not to entertain, it is to make us think, experience, review and apply new insights to our daily workplace. If the BTW benefits of the teambuilding are unclear, choose another one.

6. Constant Follow-up.

Teambuilding is not a once a year event, even if the actual activity is only held for one day. There needs to be wide-ranging pre- and post- work sessions carried out. Hold a forum with the team beforehand to find out the relevant challenges and hot issues they are facing. Then on conclusion of the training hold extensive follow-up and debriefing sessions. Ensure they take place, immediately, weekly and monthly to confirm the BTW Benefits are being put in place. This way you can ensure your teambuilding is more than just a day out but brings real tangible benefits to your organisation.

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