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It’s time to re-evaluate your HR strategy

Published on 20 May 2021 by David Simpson

Have your employees been less engaged? Have you been having difficulties hiring new talents? Perhaps it’s time to re-evaluate your HR strategy.

Today’s workforce wants to make a difference in the world and has the need to personally align with the values of the organisation they work for. More than ever, candidates seek out the organisations they want to work for based on the culture and vision.

In order to improve the organisation and its workforce, leaders must evaluate whether their organisational culture empowers employees to live by shared values. It’s highly recommended to position as a value-driven organisation that focuses on values like diversity and inclusion, rather than an authoritarian organisation.

Here are 5 tips to develop a value-driven organisational culture:

  1. Assess the organisational culture structure and the need for change, ask your staff at all levels directly.
  2. Explore and develop a shared vision, which includes the thoughts of each individual in your organisation.
  3. Based on that shared vision, outline a clear change plan. The plan must carefully consider the changes, the people involved and the roadmap of the change including an action plan.
  4. Encourage a spirit of commitment rather than compliance. Commitment towards the values and team members is essential. Inspirational leadership and regular team building efforts support this change and help assimilate values.
  5. Build up a people-centred communication plan that prioritizes efficiency.

Here’s to value-driven organisations!

PS: build a commitment spirit through inspirational leadership and team building activities that promote value assimilation, find some suggestions here.

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