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Why should leaders adopt agile team management?

Published on 29 Sep 2021 by David Simpson

With an increasing number of organisations, teams and even project management softwares adopting an agile team management strategy, it is gradually becoming one of the most preferred approaches to manage projects. According to a survey conducted by VersionOne on Agile Dev, 90% of participants (who are all leaders of organisations) said that implementing an agile practice improved how they managed to change priorities.

As leaders, you will find that there are many advantages to applying an agile team management strategy. We have listed 5 benefits that agile team management can bring to your team:

1. Motivates teams to use their creativity and efficiency

2. Self-directed and arranged schedule, which in turn increases flexibility and productivity

3. Provides more opportunities for teams to work with clients and understand their visions

4. Receive instant feedback

5. Ability to respond quickly and adapt to changes

Here’s to leaders who use agile team management!

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