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Why Change Management?

Published on 14 Aug 2004 by David Simpson

Today’s business environment is no longer stable and predictable as new corporate initiatives, new projects, internal and external challenges continue to appear. It is more important than ever to be well prepared for tomorrow’s business environment.

Only organizations that can adapt to this fast changing environment can survive. The key is to build the company’s ability to manage both continuity and change. It sounds easier than done.

In fact this is not rocket science, but requires hard work and dedication from all corporate levels to achieve results in building competencies to deal with this business paradigm.

Often companies tend to "re-engineer" themselves or invest significant amount of resources in projects without proper planning, vision and communication, as a result hereof poor performance or failed investments will show.

The first step of the journey is to assess the organisational culture and profile. Understanding an organizations strengths and potential will allow leaders to initiate projects that match current structure and mindset.

Leaders must ensure the corporate vision and strategy justify why changes are needed. Dealing with changes requires that all staff understand and believe the new direction.

Disregarding Change Management principles will likely result in resistance and strategies will fail to be implemented well. With today’s intensified competition companies cannot afford to be complacent about dealing with changes.

David Simpson

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