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7 Effective Ways HR managers Can Support their Team's Mental Health

Published on 28 May 2024 by Stuart Harris

In today’s fast-paced work culture, the well-being of employees is becoming more crucial than ever. With the rise of competitive organisational goals in productivity and success, sometimes prioritising mental health was left out of the limelight.

Thus, HR leadership must establish a cornerstone of effective mental health management. With HRs’ pivotal role in fostering a supportive and caring culture, it is only relevant to have a clear guide on how to champion such responsibility.

So, let us bring about 7 transformative ways on how HR managers can shape a healthier work environment and how investing on this cause can transform the well-being of your team, leading to success:

1. Nurturing Team Building Activities: HR managers can organize team building activities that promote awareness on mental health issues, reduce stress, and build relationships among team members.

2. Providing Employee Assistance Programmes (EAPs): Assistance programs go a long way in improving mental health at work as it gives employees an access to confidential counselling services, resources, and referrals to professionals when needed.

3. Offering Mental Health Days: Introducing policies that allow employees to prioritise their mental health through 1- day leave can surely help them revitalise their drive to thrive as they can spend a day without the stress of work and get in touch with the things that bring them joy.

4. Promoting Work-Life Balance: HR managers should encourage team leaders to set clear expectations around work hours, workload management and time off to prevent burnout and promote balance. HR exists to protect employees from unethical practices at work, so always make sure that you are a safe space for your team.

5. Offer Stress Management Resources: Allocating resources on stress management, such as mindfulness apps, relaxation techniques, stress reducing music and environment can help employees cope with work-related stressors.

6. Fostering a Supportive Work Environment: Promoting a supportive workplace culture by recognising and celebrating work achievements fosters team happiness and encourages peer support networks.

7. Regular Check-ins and Support: Regularly conducting check-ins with employees to discuss their workloads, stressors, and well-being without making them feel guilty for opening provide an impactful avenue for team members to recognize you as a leader that cares and will surely promote team commitment and trust.

With these guided tips, HR managers can support mental health in a way that makes employees feel valued and empowered. Unbeknownst to others, happy employees make a difference in achieving goals and success!

Here’s to leaders that promote mental wellness,

Stuart Harris

Co-Founder and Managing Director at Team Building Asia

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Stuart Harris

Co-Founder and Managing Director at Team Building Asia

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