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Brand new Silk Road

Published on 26 Sep 2010 by David Simpson

If you are looking for something refreshing to engage your team with, we are thrilled to introduce the brand new Business Stimulation teambuilding activity - The Silk Road.

A culturally based Asian business game focusing on the trading houses of the Orient. Each team receives a Chinese drawstring pouch containing, wool, raw silk, horses, gold and such to indicate wealth but more importantly, valuable information. Focusing on the traditional trading routes across the Silk Road, families trade with each other to increase their wealth. The objects are bartered and exchanged across trading periods and mutually beneficial relationships are built or destroyed based on the loyalty of each family. The game determines the family with the highest wealth accumulated will win.

If you think it sounds pretty straight forward, think again. In The Silk Road, Networking alone can only get the participants so far ahead. More importantly, Strategic planning & communication, Managing Change, Entrepreneurship and Risk Management are all the essential ingredients of the game plan to emerge as the eventual winner!

David Simpson

Co-Founder & Training Director at Team Building Asia

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