Big bets at leadership conference

Published on 12 Jun 2012

Team Building Asia has been supporting AIESEC as part of their community investment initiatives since early 2005. This year as part of their Leadership Conference we ran one of our latest products, You Bet You Can.

This high paced experiential activity of strategy, risk taking and mixed abilities creates a highly energised environment and a group of budding future leaders was the perfect showcase. Popular video-sharing website YouTube is the inspiration and You Bet You Can uses a similar platform where the AIESEC logo and a selection of specific teamwork challenges are uploaded to our unique e-platform. Teams view the various challenges, check out the rules and then decide which particular challenges they want to replicate and win.

The AIESEC teams tried as many challenges as they could in the timeframe allocated and each time had to ‘pay in’ with tokens to compete, then bet against their performance. When they won, they went onto the next challenge to win more. However if their attempt was unsuccessful they lost valuable time in planning and had to regroup, plan again and ensure they won in the next challenge.

“You Bet You Can is an excellent team activity and I have seen a few special talents I was unaware my colleagues possessed. There was some excellent learning in planning and strategy, which was the perfect fit for our conference messages. The huge success of our team building day was attributed to your entire professional team,” remarked Grace Tang, Director of Talent Management, AIESEC Hong Kong Limited.

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