Chain Reaction - collaboration, diversity and inclusion

Published on 8 May 2019

Andy Barnett, General Manager, Roche, Hong Kong in conversation with Team Building Asia

Please share with us what you did today?

Today we built a chain reaction with 15 different teams, a lot of creativity and innovation went into it and I thought the outcome was particularly impressive a lot of enthusiasm and engagement.

Were the objectives met?

The objectives of the day were to build/enhance our team collaboration, diversity and inclusion. Particularly diversity of thinking and inclusion of different ideas and I think this was a great way of bringing the best out of people in all 3 of those domains. So yes our objectives were definitely met.

Any favourite moments?

Favourite moment of the day was when one of the teams had built a tipping over chair which knocked onto another table popping a number of balloons and the thing that really got to me was the amount of enthusiasm amongst the team thinking that it would actually work.

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