A case study for Give and Gain Day 2012

Published on 30 Nov 2012

Client: Community Business

Outcomes: Collaboration, building relationships and mentoring

Team Building Asia participated in Give and Gain Day 2012, an international awareness-raising campaign designed to highlight the benefits of employee volunteering through Community Business a non-profit organisation Community Business in Hong Kong dedicated to advancing Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) in Asia.

Since 2008, Community Business has held The ENGAGE Journey of Opportunity Programme. This provides a platform for volunteers from the Hong Kong business community to mentor youth (age 14 to 16) from two disadvantaged areas in Hong Kong with a focus on helping them build life and career skills. Team Building Asia was invited to the launch with the aim of integrating the mentors and mentees and build a lasting relationship to get the most out of the ENGAGE mentoring programme.

Given this was the first time the participants would meet, we used our latest product Our Photo. Each mentee received an envelope and inside was a photo of their Mentor and vice versa. The two had to find each other across the room and when they connected, ask five interesting questions to get to know each other better. After this paring the whole team of mentors and mentees came together to add all the photos to one huge visual installation. Also included are the logos of the companies who have committed their time to the ENGAGE programme.

Following Our Photo, we ran a condensed version of Flat Out Pyramids. Again the mentors and mentees worked in pairs to complete a task, which this time was scoring, folding and assembling parts of a pyramid or octahedron puzzle. Once the individual parts by each pair had been completed the entire group came together to create one gigantic three layer pyramid. This was customised by each participant signing their names to the pyramid and once again giving credit to the participating companies by attaching their logos also.

“Our Photo and Flat Out Pyramids were great products for this unique group of people. Initially the group was pretty segregated and by the end it was clear that a complete integration had taken place and this is to the credit of Team Building Asia” remarked Robin Bishop, Chief Operating Officer, Community Business

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