BlackRock explore the art of negotiation

Published on 4 Jul 2018

The world’s largest global investment management firm, BlackRock tasked Team Building Asia to provide a highly challenging interactive activity involving strategic planning and negotiation to complement their Asia Conference.

Creative Juices provided the platform needed as the entire conference was split into twelve countries, each representing a country that produced a fresh and quickly perishable commodity – a type fruit! The task was to trade and deliver these fruits as consignments, one-for-one over a simulated week in order to receive different fruits to have the right ingredients to make a refreshing smoothie.

The extra challenge was that teams must remain at their tables and are only allowed to send two trade ambassadors to negotiate and agree on flight deliveries, amounts of commodities exchanged and creating win-win solutions for all teams.

Roles of Planning Coordinator, Pilot and Trade Minister, Trade Ambassador and Delivery Director ensured all were engaged and the high energy of trading, negotiating and planning added great atmosphere to the conference setting.

Success was obtained and the consignments were exchanged for real ingredients and delicious fresh fruit smoothies were prepared for a panel of BlackRock judges made comments on the taste and accompanying marketing presentations.

“Creative Juices brought fantastic energy to our conference in Hong Kong. All participants were highly engaged and driven to win!”
Candy Cheng, BlackRock

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