Teams from Speedo collaborate across teams

Published on 3 Jul 2018

Cross team collaboration, proactive communication, coping with change, brand awareness.

As part of a two days programme, Speedo chose Creative Juices and Flat-Out-Afloat to bring out their cross-team collaboration effort, adaptability to change, and brand awareness. The event was wrapped up successfully with sweat and a celebration of success.

Day 1 – Team Speedo from Asia and global came to Hong Kong for a two-day event. It was a chance for the team members to unite and collaborate while in the same location. In Creative Juices, the activity simulated six days – Monday to Saturday - whereby teams needed to trade with other teams to get the required fruit ingredients to produce their unique smoothie by the end of the simulation. They were challenged by scarcity of time, intense delivery requests and communication barriers.

Like in the real workplace, with a new project on board, teams got busy discussing and strategising their plans on Monday. By Tuesday teams had started to get on track with their plans. Moving through the rest of the week became a matter of execution and things got simpler as the week continued. It was a real success for Team Speedo where every single team managed to obtain their required ingredients.

The next climax came when they blended their real smoothie and presented their creative product to a panel of judges. At the presentation, teams showed their other side of talents through singing, dancing, acting, and narrating about their smoothies to impress the judges.

Teams experienced a high level of Cross-Functional Collaboration, Proactive Communication and Coping with Change through this activity. They had fun tasting the smoothies too!

Day 2 – The same participants came together again on the second day for another set of challenges. Under the hot sun, they were briefed to build a boat using flat sheets of cardboard. Once again the Speedo team demonstrated their dedication by working together in teams to accomplish this mission.

Following a provided plan, they marked, labelled and cut the cardboard, constructed their boats and decorated the boats to represent the Speedo spirit. Next, they switched into sports mode, delved into the ultimate boat race and got wet – no fear! They have really lived out the spirit of ‘Get Speedo Fit’.

Flat-Out-Afloat was more than merely having fun and spending time together. From the activity it brought out values of developing people, fostering teamwork, driving towards goal, building relationships, leadership skills and planning skills.

“I would like to thank the Trainer and the Facilitators from Team Building Asia for a great job in delivering a successful event for Team Speedo. I have received many positive feedback from participants across HK, China, and our colleagues coming from the UK. We had a great time getting to know each other better, which is a good start for building a much more cohesive global and regional team going forward. Also a big thanks to the Production and Sales team in managing this project throughout the whole process from concept to launch. World class teamwork and quality!”
Clarence Tong, Regional Hr Manager, People Development & Resourcing

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