Le Meridien juggle for innovation

Published on 4 Jul 2018

Le Meridien Cyberport opened on 20th April 2004 and required an innovative training programme for over 170 of their newly recruited staff. Set in the exciting arena of Hong Kong’s up and rising Cyberport complex the niche hotel aims to attract the more discerning business clientele and staff need to serve guests in accordance with their individual needs. Being a member of Le Meridien team means they are both employees of the hotel and also after work, become customers themselves. This requires staff who understand the importance of keeping balance and control.

Our approach was to integrate The Juggling Motivator into the hotel’s extensive ongoing staff training programme. The training was quickly put into place by scheduling the 170 staff to attend intensive juggling training at one of four training sessions - 45 staff each time.

Understanding the need to learn from experience, manage situations independently and cater to guests’ individual needs meant juggling was the perfect metaphor. Staff could understand how these three skills fit neatly together, and how they get easier with constant practising and ongoing training.

After all 170 staff became competent jugglers, it was time to go outside and integrate the whole team by having them participate in a large group juggle in front of the hotel. The results were outstanding as all staff were able to share their newly acquired skills and relate them to the culture of the hospitality industry. They continued practising these skills to enhance service provision, by combining their personality, skills and training experiences.

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