InterContinental Hotel staff take to the river

Published on 24 Oct 2012

Programme: River Runner

Location: InterContinental Hotel Huizhou

Outcome: Reference to Company’s Vision, Mission, Values and Philosophy, Customer & Brand Awareness, Strategic planning, Negotiation Skills

River Runner is a fast paced, business simulation where teams form companies to lead a team of paying clients on the time of their lives though a white water rafting adventure. One global diversified power management company successfully completed River Runner at their annual conference, which was customised so participants could experience the company’s vision, mission, values and philosophy.

Starting with a briefing video shot in Uganda, our rafting guide explained the dynamics of running an adventure company and how excellent strategic planning through the expedition will lead to increased customer and brand awareness and onto higher profits.

Teams were tasked with the strategic planning of their route through the rivers of Africa and to travel through rapids, campsites and visiting sites of wonder. The more visited the more feel good factors were gained and converted to profits and good negotiation skills are necessary. At sites of wonder visits, teams had to complete tasks related to the company’s vision, mission, values and philosophy, which if answered correctly would win them feel good factors. If teams passed through a rapid with a ‘clean run’ would win even more feel good factors but a ‘raft flip’, ‘man overboard’ or ‘getting stuck’ would mean time lost and a profits penalty. Finally teams had to exit the river successfully and after a complete debriefing were presented with their final score – thankfully no one got wet!

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