UN High Commissioner for Refugees overcome obstacles

Published on 1 Aug 2010

The team of the UN High Commissioner for Refugees recently participated in the business training game, Team Effectiveness profile. Their objective was to look at how the face overcoming obstacles. The program was also chosen for it’s ability to foster shared vision and culture, effective communication and teamwork.

Team Effectiveness Profile was a huge success for the UN group, as it has been for other corporate clients who have integrated the program into their training and development programmes. During the program, participants have to ask questions in five areas related to creating an effective team, and then try to find obstacles so that the team can easily overcome obstacles and cooperate more effectively.

These key aspects usually but not always include: mission, vision and goals, team roles, operational processes, relationships, and relationships between teams. A data graph produced from the answers gives the teams an assessment of the profile of the team. The team then go on to work on aspects that are not cohesive, learning to collaborate, appreciate each other’s strength and work better together into the future as a team.

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