Nike explore Shanghai with Travel Show

Published on 6 Oct 2012

Apparel and accessories magnate Nike and a total of twenty four participants in three teams got their chance of a half day in the dream job of Travel Show Host. After the initial briefing video highlighting the excitement and buzz of travel presenting the team received top tips on how to make the travel segments hot and interesting.

Teams completed a lucky dip to select the various food, shopping and historical challenges before going out in the field to shoot and present them. Filming locations included places diverse as Nanjing Lu Pedestrian Street, Yu Yuan Gardens and historically significant site The Bund. Once there teams captured the local food, the bustle and dropped in a few quirky facts before heading to the final location for the presentation premiere.

Each team introduced their various travel show features and all were shown on large screens to all teams with much laughter and positive commentary. Teams bonded quickly through the shared experience.

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