Colour Assessment Online

Learn to understand behavioural and communicational differences between you and your remote team mates.

30 minutes - 1 hour
8 - 1000


Assess your personality type and discover your true colours. Individuals complete a series of questions online and discover which personality type they gravitate most towards: green, blue, gold or orange. Each type has a different behaviour and communication style. After finding out their personality type, participants connect in breakout rooms with the team mates of the same type to find common grounds. The teams are then gathered in a virtual conference room to discuss each different type and each of their behaviour and communication styles and preferences.

Learning Outcomes

By analysing the four personality types, individuals get a better understanding of their personal and their team mates' behaviour, approach and communication style. This quick test gives thorough insights and enables participants to connect with their fellow types. It also allows them to appreciate each other more, by understanding the way everyone works. This personality test is essential when working with remote teams. It can help the participants to explain their behaviour and communication styles on the basis of the elaborate definitions.

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